Whisked Away Bakery

Jody from Whisked Away Bakery was looking for a website for her newly launched buisness baking and selling specialty baked goods.

Working with her vision and branding, I modified a WordPress Theme that she liked and set up the website, including a webshop with iDeal checkout system, newsletter and more.

Visit website: www.whiskedawaybakery.nl

Stephanie was an absolute pleasure to work with. She had the knowledge and tenacity to work through development and deal with any tech hiccips. She was the unwavering, calm support much needed when you’re a first-time (sometimes frantic!) business owner. Most importantly, she helped me get my dream off the ground to help me become visible with my e-commerce business. I’ll be forever indebted.

~ Jody Weima, Whisked Away Bakery

Professional Development Fair

Since 2015, Connect International have run the Professional Development Fair. The fair offers information and workshops for internationals looking for work and networking opportunities in the North of the Netherlands.

In 2016 the fair was bigger than ever and to help facilitate that Toastie Studio developed a website and branding for them. The website features a booking system for the fair and workshops, including iDeal checkout processes and mailchimp newsletter template.

Visit website: www.professionaldevelopmentfair.nl


Diezijner is run by Nynke, a wonderful person with a passion for creative and handmade products.

The Diezijner store is located in Groningen and has been running since 2014. Working with their existing branding, I developed a WordPress theme and set up the website. The website includes a webshop built using WooCommerce and includes features such as custom shipping plugin and ideal checkout.

Visit website: www.diezijner.eu