Etsy Tools - Selling, Treasuries and Promotion Widgets

Running an Etsy shop is full of challenges, I know as I run two Etsy shops myself. I created the tools found on this site for my own personal use, to make my experience of selling on Etsy so much easier and to free up some of my valuable time for more important things (like making stuff!)

From tracking the Etsy front page features, an archive of Etsy Finds Newsletter (to track where that sudden burst of visitors to my shop came from) and a code generator to make sharing Treasuries on my blog super easy. All my tools are designed to make a sellers life easier, and I wanted to share that with other Etsy sellers too.


Latest Etsy Finds Newsletter

Etsy now keeps an active archive of past Etsy Finds newsletters on their site. For more recent newsletters please visit their site.

Thu Dec 31, 2015

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Last Etsy Home Page

Please note: In May 2015 Etsy changed their homepage and no longer have a featured treasury.

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