Diezijn Leuk!

Diezijn Leuk! is a creative handmade market held in Groningen City center twice a year. As part of their PR they needed a new website where they could share details of past and future events.

Included on the website is a newsletter, image galleries, guestbook. and registration form for participates.

Visit website: www.diezijn-leuk.nl

Girlguiding Clwyd

Before moving to the Netherlands I was an active member of Girlguiding Clwyd in the UK. I continued my work with them from a distance and in 2011 was asked to design and develop a new website for them.

The website is an important part in helping them cascade information about events and important forms with their members and those interested in joining their organisation.

It was important that the website keep within the branding of Girlguiding UK, and of course be easy for them to continue to update and maintain the website content. Some of the site features include a newsletter, events diary, and resources library.

Visit website: www.girlguidingclwyd.org

Gijs Deddens

Working with designer Rutger Prins, we developed a simple design website where the clients artwork was the main focus.

The website was developed using jquery and php. The website uses a simple upload method and update system so the client can manage the website himself.

Visit website: www.gijsdeddens.nl


To celebrate their two year anniversary Fietsje (a bike shop in Groningen) decided they wanted a new fresh look for their website. Working with graphic designer Rutger Prins I built a CMS based website for Fietsje.

The new site is clean and uses a variety of scripting code to display all the websites contents. It was important that the site be easy to update and maintain so the back end interface was just as important as the usability of the finished website.

Visit website: www.fietsje.nu